Nooree Lee

Nooree Lee

Special Counsel

Nooree Lee represents government contractors in a wide variety of transactional, litigation, and compliance matters. His primary areas of practice include corporate transactions involving contractors, international contracting and domestic sourcing matters, and grants and cooperative agreements.

Mr. Lee also advises clients in a wide range of industries on how to best safeguard and leverage their intellectual property. Relatedly, he represents companies seeking to protect their confidential data from disclosure under the federal Freedom of Information Act and state law equivalents.

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Recent Decision Reiterates the Limits on Terminations for Convenience

New government contractors are often surprised to learn that a standard clause in federal contracting gives the government the right to terminate contracts for convenience.  In day-to-day discussions, it is not uncommon for government contractors to think of termination for convenience as equivalent to termination without cause, as opposed to “for cause” termination for default.  … Continue Reading

Pentagon Issues New Procurement Guidelines and Adds Hurdles to Sole Source Awards

On August 21, 2014, the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics issued a Memorandum titled Actions to Improve Department of Defense Competition.  This Memorandum serves as a reminder to Department of Defense (“DOD”) contracting officials, and the contracting community at large, that the DOD will continue to emphasize competition in contracting. The Memorandum … Continue Reading